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Exterior Banners Dublin

Whether you’re advertising an event, advertising a product or require a temporary business sign, The Tanner Sign Company provide a range of exterior banners to business clients all over Dublin.
All our exterior banners are made from vinyl. Vinyl is a strong, robust and weather-resistant material. Vinyl material, when combined with our expert printing procedures, produces high-quality banners that show off even the most complex imagery. Colours printed on vinyl material are fade-resistant, making our exterior banners a long-term advertising solution for events, businesses and organisations all over Dublin.

By using the very latest printing procedures, we can perfectly integrate your pre-existing logo and branding imagery into our vinyl banners.


For additional information on our suite of exterior banner products, get in contact with The Tanner Sign Company today.

Advantages of our Exterior Banners


Our exterior banner design and manufacturing services are extremely flexible. We can design a banner in any style while incorporating your business’ corporate colour scheme and logo.


Vinyl banners are a convenient, and portable advertising solution. Our exterior banners are popular with music festivals, town festivals, events or as signage for retail stores. Vinyl is hard-wearing giving our banners an extremely long service life.


Exterior banners remain a cost-effective signage solution. Thanks to our efficient and professional designing and manufacturing processes we can create banners efficiently without ever compromising on the quality of the exterior banner..


For a no-obligation quote on an exterior banner, get in contact with The Tanner Sign Company today.

Exterior Banners Dublin FAQ

What are Exterior banners made from?

Our exterior banners are made from vinyl that has been reinforced with nylon. This material is strong, hard-wearing and doesn’t fade even when up against the ever-unpredictable Irish weather.

How long does a vinyl exterior banner last?

All our banners have a long service life. However, certain factors can considerably shorten their shelf life. If the banner is properly installed it should last for months or even years. Factors like intense sunlight or extreme weather conditions can rip or otherwise damage the vinyl material, reducing its serviceable lifespan. 

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