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Totem or Free Standing Signs

Totem signs can be built to any design or specification. Sometimes referred to as monolith signs, they are usually used by road side businesses hoping to attract the business of passing motorists. If you’d like to advertise your business to passing motorists, few types of signage are more effective than a free standing or totem sign. These signs are available in illuminated and non illuminated versions. Their large size means they naturally attract the attention of even fast moving traffic.


For more information on free standing signs, please get in contact with The Tanner Sign Company today.


The Tanner Sign Company FAQ

What kind of businesses use free standing signs?

Any business with a physical location can benefit from a free standing sign. Our team of sign design and sign construction experts can make signs that capture the ethos of a business clearly and concisely. Whether you want to draw attention to your business’s premises or communicate your company’s professionalism, we can create the right sign for your business and brand.

What types of free standing signs do you provide?

As one of the most established Dublin free standing signs companies, we offer all three types of free standing signs


Totem Signs Dublin

Totem signs are built from a steel framework that’s sheeted on both sides. The height of totem signs makes them perfect for grabbing attention even when placed in front of a busy street.

Normally used as identifying signs, totem signs are also effective as wayfinding signage in both outdoor and indoor spaces.

Gantry Free Standing Signs

Gantry signs are also made from a steel framework that’s hidden underneath exterior sheeting. Gantry signs are normally anywhere from 1.5 m to 2 m off the ground. The sheeting can be customised and fabricated to a client’s exact specifications.

Post & Panel Signage

One of the simpler but no less effective free standing sign options, Post and panel signs are close to the ground and consist of a flat panel that is attached to upright posts.

Not sure what free standing sign type is right for your business? Schedule a consultation with our free standing sign Dublin experts for an in-depth needs analysis and consultation.

Can lights be integrated into your Free standing signs?

Yes, we have designed and manufactured a range of totem signs, gantry signs and post and panel signs that incorporate lighting. To discuss an illuminated free standing sign, please schedule a consultation with us today.

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